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Reinventing showrooms

PixelCoat is the digital showroom of the future.

Visualize materials, real-estate and more with our user-friendly application.
Help your customers decide with more options than before.

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Easy to learn yet extremely powerful.

Manage and change thousands of materials with simple actions.

Enable VR with just a click.

Virtual Reality enabled
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Quality assured

We work with our customers to show off their catalog or showrooms in the best way possible.

Scanned data

Less work, more choice

With PixelCoat, no style is off-limits and only a click away.​
Improve efficiency by using the digital catalog to show more in less time.


Easily manage digital showrooms with many different styles.


Give your clients a hands-on experience with VR or touch-enabled screens.


Create presets to suit your customers and share them to your colleagues.

Playful to be fun. Professional to work.

PixelCoat can serve as an easy tool to show your customers the best of your offer.

In showrooms, PixelCoat serves as an attraction to create customer engagement.

Simple yet engaging

Infinite possibilities

With PixelCoat, nothing is off-limits.
Manage hundreds of showrooms and quickly swap between them to show the best of your portfolio to potential customers.

Experience real-estate

PixelCoat changes the industry

With our focus on easy to use state-of-the-art technology.
"PixelCoat has solved our problem with late deliveries, allowing us to show tiles before they leave the factory"
"Our clients can project themselves more than ever before thanks to virtual reality"
"We had difficulty selling our large tiles because we didn't have the room to display them, with PixelCoat, that changed!"
"With PixelCoat I can sell my customers a new home. They can walk around while seeing what their home will look like after construction ends."