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What is PixelCoat?

“From virtual to reality”

PixelCoat is an application to display and manage products in a virtual world.

PixelCoat is ideal for selling real estate projects that are still in the design, renovation or construction phase.

No more waiting for renderings or videos.

Customers discover their future property in real time.

PixelCoat offers a wide range of collections of tiles, parquet, stone, etc. to change rooms according to the customer’s tastes.

With this app we can show what would otherwise be impossible.

Our objective

With PixelCoat, we want to create an app accessible to everyone to improve the experience in showrooms and to create digital showrooms.

PixelCoat also brings the possibility of being able to use it on the move, ideal for increasing customer satisfaction.

Partnership with industry

Thanks to our industry partners, we have been able to create many collections using the original scans as a reference.

PixelCoat_LS_Scene_Terrace-Style-02_0380 PixelCoat_LS_Scene_Terrace-Style-01_0380

For everyone

PixelCoat was created with ease of use as a priority, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t offer professional tools:


PixelCoat is a revolution in the industry but that doesn’t stop PixelCoat’s evolution.

Features requested by clients are added to the roadmap.


Regarding floor and covering materials, we offer 15 collections (more on request). The references of these materials are based on the information we request and obtain from (foreign) production units.

After obtaining the necessary information, the creation time of the virtual media is a few days.

Once the collection is ready, it can be downloaded and used immediately in PixelCoat.

For real estate clients, projects are delivered on the date agreed in advance.

See it in action


Images were created in PixelCoat using the built-in screenshot tool.

Meet the team


Luc Mathieu


Xavier Bocksteal

Sales Respresentative

Yoni Van Gucht

Lead Developer
Team Member - Christopher

Christopher Gainsbury

Project Manager
Team Member - Victor

Victor ter Horst

3D Artist