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Learn PixelCoat

One of the advantages of PixelCoat is its user-friendliness.

To illustrate this, you will find a possible step-by-step plan below.

Tutorial duration: +/-5 minutes.

Sign in
Go to the showrooms or manage collections

In the main menu you can click on the Settings button (bottom right) to change the settings and preferences of the app, in the bottom left you can click on the version number to check out the new features of PixelCoat .

Select a showroom to open it
Or edit and manage your collections

While managing collections, you can change the names of collections.
After selecting a collection, you will be able to change a material’s name as well. On top of that, you can add a price, add it to your likes, add a rating etc.

Find materials on the left, edit them on the right
Click and drag a material to apply it to a surface

To move around a scene you can use the mouse or keyboard.

You can edit a selected surface in the right menu
You can find your liked materials under the "Favorites" tab in the left menu

A VR button is visible in the button row top center when a VR headset is properly connected.
To use VR, press the “VR” button. Press the spacebar on the keyboard to exit VR.

Hardware Requirements

These specifications are guidelines for smooth use of PixelCoat. Lower specifications may be sufficient for use in some cases. If you have any questions regarding your material, please contact us.


For VR:

For showrooms:

On the go: